Can you escape?

Use W-A-S-D to move around

Space to jump

E to interact with things


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i need help the book does not help me at all

Ok here's a hint. The underlined word Time in book 1 is a hint, the underlined Expert in book 2 is a hint, and book 3 hints at book 2. And if you didin't know, Parachute expert my dear aunt sally is the order in which you do mathematical equations. So Expert is exponent. So take the number on the clock and put it to the power of the big number on book 2

idk mafs

how do i take  teh "THING" off the wall

You don't. It's a safe. Look at the little knobs with numbers on them and press E to spin them. when you get the right combination, it will open and give you a key

idk the combination how dp i know it?

Well, that's the whole point of a puzzle, but the combination is 11025

sorry but thank u

lol your welcome

At first I thought there was no escape but managed to do it :)

CooL! Glad you liked the game!! :D

managed to escape in less that 10 minutes!!! great game I absolutely love puzzle games!

Good job! Thank you so much!! :D

Great game

Thanks! :D