A 2 player local battle game where you play as fruits! (And vegetables)

Made this for a little challenge where I made the game's spritesheet in just a 5x5 grid of 16x16 pixels. :)

Player 1: ( Left )

WASD: to move

Left Shift: to shoot and hold to power up

Player 2: ( Right )

Arrow / Cursor Keys: to move

Right Shift: to shoot and hold to power up


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FruitBattles_MacOSX.zip 31 MB
FruitBattles_Windows_x86.zip 19 MB
FruitBattles_Windows_x86_64.zip 22 MB


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It wouldn't run in my browser.

I've turned off my privacy badger and https everywhere too.

Lettuce know if I need to do anything else

Hm. That's weird. Unity's HTML doesn't run sometimes. :( You're just gonna have to try downloading it. :)