!!! LEADERBOARD !!! (P.S. I'm updating this by hand, so if your score doesn't get added just be patient :))

#1 t is t:  11.61

#2 That_Cool_Guy: 12.08

#3 eboatwright: 12.25


Sequel to this game!


Beat the level as fast as possible!


Move Left: A, Left Arrow, D-Pad Left, Left Gamepad Stick Left

Move Right: D, Right Arrow, D-Pad Right, Left Gamepad Stick Right

Jump and Wall Jump: W, Up Arrow, Gamepad A

Respawn at Checkpoint: R, Gamepad L1

Quit to Menu: Escape, Gamepad L2

Restart Level: T, Gamepad R1

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, free-to-play, gamepad, Pixel Art, Speedrun


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You're so fast! I tried to beat you, and the fastest I got was 12.25

hi it is me i am not grinding no more because there is no composition and that is the reason i speedrun games 

Ah, that's fine :) I just want you to know that I'm currently working on a sequel to this game! I will have it done probably in about a week, and It'll be up on my page

ok grate hope it is better thin the first 

I hope so too lol

I just finished the new game! It's got 5 levels, and I'll add more soon


how is the mobile app development going 

Decent, I'm learning alot. Thanks for asking :)

is it weird on how i am the one person that is playing the game 

Not really, my stuff isn't popular


new best score of 597.37 soooooo much score can you add a slowest time LEADERBOARD?

Sorry no, I don't think I will

ok that is fine i kinda was expecting that 

hi i just woke up

i will be grinding for a time of 10.99 and i know it is possibl


i have a tip for if you ever speed run a game if you fail a run thin act like it is practice it helps you not rage  

lol ok :)

hi sorry i was gone for so long i had some life problms


That's fine, hope you're doing well!


11.69                  12  what are the chances of a time of 12 

cool cool! idk probably pretty low

11.88 aaaaaaaaaaaaa omg i did it oooooooommmmmmmgggggggg

Awesome :)

ok cool hope it is good and fun

thanks :)

do you know if you will make a different speedrun game or not

I might eventually, but right now I'm learning mobile app development to get a job sometime soon.

i will git a time of 11.99

Good luck!



First place!

how did you git a time of 12.08

I didn't someone else did

my progress of yesterday 12.51 12.45 12.42 12.37


cool cool!




Awesome! Um, could you start replying to this comment instead of spamming comments in this please? Thanks :)

Also, thanks for playing :D It really feels good to know that someone is enjoying your game!

ok i will

Thanks :)

1293 omg 

do you have some tips like short cuts

Uh, the first wall jump section can be almost skipped by jumping up onto the left wall and only doing one wall jump, then the first spike section can be completely skipped by jumping up and doing some tricky wall jumps




:O Amazing! I'll put that on the leader board!

i just got 12.4 xd

cool! Glad you're enjoying it! :D Did you come from YouTube or itch?

not really i just found it id be great if you could add more levels or sumthin

I might could add more levels, although I've been taking a break from game dev and doing other things. So probably not anytime soon